Lord's Day (Sunday)

10.00am Morning Service

Current series: The Epistle of James

Growing in Your Faith

Do you feel your Christian life is stagnating - or have you ever wondered what difference Christianity could make to you? We invite you to join with us as we explore the Epistle of James.

​James explains the difference the Christian faith makes to our lives, how we may grow as Christians, how our faith may make a greater impact on the world around us.

We look forward to seeing you!

5.30pm Gospel Service

Current series: Gospel of Matthew

Matthew's Gospel is known as 'The Gospel of the Kingdom'.  But what kind of a King is born of a virgin peasant girl and is finally executed upon a Roman Cross? The answer, surprisingly, is the King of Kings, God's Son, the Saviour of the world. Join with us on Sunday evenings as the greatest of all rescue stories is revealed in the Gospel (the good news) according to  Matthew.​

Fellowship Meal

On the third Sunday of every month we meet in the Church Hall for lunch following the morning service. All are welcome to join with us.


7.30pm Bible Study and
Prayer Meeting


Days as spiritually and morally dark as ours may cause Christians to ask 'Where is God?'  The Book of Ruth was written in the dark days of the Judges when 'everyone did what was right in his own eyes' (Judges 21:25)  Yet God was at work, bringing His glorious purposes to pass. Ruth is brought from Moab into the covenant community of God's people from whom the Messiah, Jesus Christ, would come.

​You are invited to join us as we trace the drama of redemption!​

All are welcome to join with us for Bible study and prayer.


We support several Missionary Societies and we invite visiting speakers on a regular basis to keep us informed about the work.

Please see "Coming Up" for details of these meetings.